CIS700 — Fall 2022

Language-Based Security

Date Type Unit Video
8/30 Lecture L0 Course introduction, principals and access control (Slides)
9/1 Lecture L1 Software Foundations: Basics
9/6 Lecture L2 Propositional Logic, DPLL, and Proof Theory (Slides)
9/8 Lecture L3 No class, but read Induction
9/13 Lecture L4 More Induction, Inductive Types in Coq
9/20 Lecture L5 Operational Semantics -- Introduction(Slides)
9/22 Lecture L6 Eternal War in Memory (Slides) Notes
9/27 Lecture L7 More semantics, interpreters. Lists in Software Foundations.
9/29 Lecture L6 Intrustion Detection via Static Analysis