Program Analysis, Foundations and Applications

(CIS 700 at Syracuse University)

Note: parts of this syllabus are subject to change with adequate notice to students.


  • 3 lecture hours per week

Course Overview



  • Homework/Projects: 50%
  • Exams: 40%
  • Participation (including mailing-list discussions): 10%

Late Projects and Extensions

I used to extend project deadlines, but I have found that this is often unfair to the students who start on time (and more students than I would have thought have raised this point to me privately). Therefore, project extensions will be rare–and usually only done if it is becasue of a mistake I made. Project extensions for students will not be granted except for religious observances and extenuating circumstances (family illness, etc..). The late policy is as follows:

  • Projects turned in on time will earn a maximum of 100%

  • Projects turned in up to 48 hours late will have a 15% penalty applied.

  • Projects turned in after 48 hours late (until the end of the term) will have a 30% penalty applied.

  • Your project grade always be the maximum possible. For example, let’s say you make an on-time project submission for 60%, but you then turn in a project which earns an 75%. This submission would earn a 63.75%. Three days after the deadline you turn in a project earning 100%. Your final score is 70%, as the 70% (100% with a 30% penalty) still got the maximum grade of any submission.

In other words, you should be able to earn at least a 70% on all of the projects with enough work.

Projects and Labs

This course will have between six and eight individual projects and (roughly) weekly labs. Each of these will be completed using the course’s autograder. Lab attendance is expected and required. You may be excused from labs with adequate notice to and permission from the instructor.