CS395: Mobile Apps for Social Change

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Course Number CMSC 107 (Fall 2018) at Haverford College
Instructor Kristopher Micinski
Times Tu/Thur 1:00-2:30 Lecture
Office Hours TBA


When I was learning to program, I had a deep anxiety about my inability to articulate my thoughts in a way that felt natural to the languages I was using. I was able to write small programs, but as they grew in complexity, they also became more brittle and less robust. In this course, our goal is to learn how to tackle that challenge: how to scale up our thinking about small programs to building large, robust, well-maintained systems.

We’re going to do this by building mobile apps using the Android operating system. Specifically, students will form groups to propose and build an app to enable some form of social change. Some groups will likely work with nonprofits, others will work on ideas of their own creation. The common theme is that the apps we’re building are intended to improve the lives of others in some positive way.

Along the way, we’re going to be focusing on essential concepts in software engineering. We’ll learn concepts like test-driven development, encapsulation, information hiding, design patterns, and more. And as we build larger and larger software, we’ll constantly reflect upon the code we’re writing to ensure we’re delivering a product that’s fit for the people for whom we’re building it!

I hope you’re excited for the course as I am!

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