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1 Scribing
2 Expectations and Policies
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4 Grading

Policies / Grading

1 Scribing

For each lecture, I would like someone to be the "scribe." This is someone who writes up a terse set of notes that captures the essence of technical ideas in the discussion. I ask that every student volunteer to scribe at least once, and likely several times throughout the course.

2 Expectations and Policies

Class policies will heavily modulated by the global pandemic and our university’s response. In general, I will be conservative in terms of our safety and try to, e.g., meet outside when possible. If you think there is any chance you may be sick, please stay home. If you do get sick (with covid or anything else) let me know and we’ll find a way to make it work—class should be the least of your concerns. I will be staying home and running class via Zoom in the event I feel even slightly sick.

I expect you to be checking Slack. For better or worse, I use Slack a lot. Please check once a day or so if you can. I will try to send infrequent notifications.

I may make changes to course policies and grading in an on-demand way depending on course pacing, school closures, etc... If I do, it will be strictly in students’ favor in terms of grading and workload (I won’t make the course harder).

3 Extentions

I will likely extend any deadline with adequate notice. Please email me a brief request for why you need an extension and a concrete, realistic plan for how you will complete your work.

4 Grading



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4 Projects


Final Project


I will use the following scale: